Wasaa Gasses Pty Ltd is an Independent South African Petroleum and Petrochemical company, serving the various refining and downstream players in South Africa and SADC, and with interest in LP Gas infrastructure and logistic assets. Wasaa is a supplier of LP Gas into the South African Market and SADC, as well as operator of LP Gas facilities and tracking fleet.

Wasaa established its LP Gas filling plant in Kya Sands, Gauteng in 2010, which has allowed Wasaa to invest significantly in the LP Gas business in the form of LP Gas tankers, logistic fleet, cylinders, storage tanks and gas cylinder filling facilities for domestic, commercial and industrial markets. Organically, Wasaa has grown to be amongst the top 5 players in the South African LP Gas market, with its footprint country-wide and other SADC countries.

The gas business has been complemented by significant growth in commodities and chemical supply contracts in South Africa and within the SADC market.